Richie Barron – Rather Have the Green Than the Blues

Rather Have the Green Than the Blues

Leslie Ann Knight is the host of the “Monday Morning Blues” program on KKUP-FM, in Cupertino California, and as of late, she has been responsible for a number of west coast blues getting their message to the rest of the United States. Richie Barron is one of those performers.

Richie is a strong guitarist and he has the right attitude. His music is hard-hitting in the Oakland tradition, but it still has a certain tongue-in-cheek quality which makes it very easy to listen to. This delivery is tried and true, and it’s bound to make a lasting impression on blues lovers everywhere.

He’s enlisted the talents of some great California bluesmen, including the legendary Freddy Roulette, the man more responsible than anyone else for bringing the lap steel into the blues idiom.

A couple of decades back, Otis Rush made the statement “…give me my flowers now.” It appears Richie Barron is making a similar statement with his current offering, “…I’d rather have green than blue.” Me too!

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Dec. ’96 issue.

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