Gator Expands TSA Line with Headless Electric Case, a New Benchmark in Guitar Case Design

Gator Expands TSA Line with Headless Electric Case, a New Benchmark in Guitar Case Design

TAMPA, FL – Gator Cases, a subdivision of Gator Co., has announced the launch of a major new addition to its Frequent Flyer TSA Series Guitar Cases – the Headless Electric Guitar Case. This release highlights the brand’s commitment to staying in step with the guitar market, reflecting their continual adaptation to the shifting dynamics of the guitar industry.

With the introduction of this case, Gator Cases now provides a tailored protective solution for most brands and models of headless guitars on the market. Crafted with an ATA-molded, military-grade polyethylene outer shell, the case is built to conquer the challenges of the road. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for musicians on the go, offering superior protection without the bulk.

On the inside, the case boasts a patent-pending, customizable interior foam nest to keep the guitar locked in place. This unique feature allows musicians to adapt the interior to fit their specific headless guitar, maintaining a secure fit with additional protection during transit. The interior is further lined with thick black plush, providing a gentle cushion for the instrument.


The case integrates essential features typical of the existing Frequent Flyer TSA Series guitar cases. For air travelers, it includes a TSA-accepted locking center latch, maintaining security while providing easy accessibility for TSA inspections. An ergonomic handle ensures comfortable transport, while the unique red release trigger on the latch enhances accessibility. The continuous valance, a staple in this series, contributes to the case’s structural resilience. These elements collectively reflect Gator’s practical design approach of blending reliability with user-friendliness in each case.

“Upon realizing that the market for headless guitar cases was void of hard case options, we seized the opportunity to fill the gap,” explains Rob McCoy, Vice President of Product. “We dedicated many design hours to this project, and we’re confident that players will be thrilled to have a more durable and secure option for their guitars.”

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