Greg Koch Trio

From The Attic
ZYX Music

Greg Koch TrioMilwaukee’s finest serves up another batch of songs showcasing his monster guitar chops and huge sense of humor.

On this new disc, Koch is once again a tour de force of the six-string, playing tracks like “Leg Up Foot Out,” with a feel that can only be described as an odd mix of country and metal. It’s got a nasty solo that wonderfully mixes single-note work and chords and his touch is so clean you barely notice how much he rocks. On “Nova Scotia Cold,” Koch seamlessly mixes banjo rolls with artificial harmonics, and his vocals with his guitar playing. Funk and Hendrix also seem to sneak to the forefront of his songs. “Trouble” shows that off with imaginative soloing that is never clichéd.

Koch uses instrumentals to show off other skills. “Sleep Tight” is a lovely ballad with a percussive feel and classic tones, while “Picked On” is exactly what the title implies; Koch flies through changes, doubling some of his own lines and ending with wacky hammer-ons. “Here We Go Again” is a subtle soul ballad with lots of double-stops and a melodic, big-sound solo.

As always, Koch’s lyrics are clever and fun, even when addressing serious issues. As a vocalist, he’s a bit limited, but his singing seems to fit the songs perfectly. The CD clocks in at just under 35 minutes and contains no “filler” – just good songs and sharp playing.


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