Supro Amulet 1×10

Old-School Soul
Supro Amulet 1×10
Price: $1,199

Paying homage to low-powered tube amps from yesteryear, the Supro Amulet was designed to re-create classic Supro sounds with a few added features.

The Amulet is a 15-watt/Class A 1×10 with tube-driven reverb, tremolo and three-position attenuator for 15-, 5-, or 1-watt operation. Bass, Treble and Mids round out the EQ section, and there’s a single Volume control.

Plugging in a Telecaster on the 15-watt setting with the Volume at noon, it’s easy to dial in open, edge-of-breakup tones with the help of a 10″ Celestion Creamback. Rolling back the guitar’s Volume yielded warm, bouncy clean tones that maintained just enough girth and feel to play leads. Past 12 o’clock, you won’t get much more volume, but a bit more breakup and compression. Switching through lower wattage settings, the tone stayed consistent with more compression at each step. Playing on the 5-watt setting at bedroom volume had a very satisfying feel while not being too loud. The Amulet has surprising headroom and doesn’t break up with single-coil pickups until its Volume control nears 4 o’clock; when dimed, you get medium-gain breakup with the textured crunch that made Supros so desirable. Breakup came much sooner with a PAF Les Paul, accompanied by a thicker overall tone with more gain. For higher gain or singing leads, you’ll want to add your favorite dirt pedal.

The stars of the Amulet’s show are the tube-driven Reverb and Tremolo. With Reverb and Depth at 1 o’clock and Speed at 9 o’clock, it drips with lush, dreamy tones ranging from country and rockabilly to psychedelia and old-school soul. With Reverb dimed and Speed nudged up a bit, you might fall into a hypnotic trance. Reverb and tremolo sound great at any setting with a thickness that you can feel thanks to the tubes.

The Amulet is a fantastic vintage-voiced amp that re-creates retro guitar tones with authenticity. Whether your playing small clubs, recording, or just in the bedroom, you’ll have no problem capturing classic Supro tone at any volume. It’s one of those amps you don’t dial-in forever to find a sweet spot because they’re all sweet.

This article originally appeared in VG’s April 2023 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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