The Beatles

Revolver Special Edition

“All in all, not a bad album,” says Paul McCartney in the liner notes, launching this massive reevaluation of The Beatles’ 1966 masterwork. With extensive CD and vinyl configurations, the entire album has been remixed in stereo and Dolby ATMOS by Giles Martin – plus adding outtakes and demos, mono mixes, and a well-researched 100-page book. The Fab Four doesn’t cut corners.

Now based on the original 14-track British LP (not the inexplicably truncated 11-track American version), this Revolver delivers important cuts like “Paperback Writer,” “Rain,” and “And Your Bird Can Sing” (one joyous “Bird” take captures John and Paul singing in a fit of giggles). Using what’s being termed as “demixing,” these versions are spread over a broad stereo spectrum – yet they’re still sonically glued together, which is critical. It’s hard not to get a shiver when you hear George’s guitar intro to Take 4 of “I Want to Tell You.” Crisp acoustics illuminate the stoner-pop of John’s “I’m Only Sleeping.”

Audio aside, the book goes deep into the sessions, mentioning the Epiphone Casino used by Paul on “Paperback Writer” and special ADT doubling effect used throughout the sessions. In reality, this expanded Revolver is its own Fab masterpiece.

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