Vox Enhances Valvetronix Amp Line


Vox has enhanced its popular Valvetronix amplifier line with the new Valvetronix VT+ Series. Enhancements include more amp models, more effects, more presets and more power.

Unique to the Valvetronix VT+ Series is a new Power Level control. Lowering the Power Level provides full gain tone at modest listening volumes. Turning the Power Level control up into the shaded area of the knob will summon up reserve power (up to an extra 40 Watts), useful for cutting through the mix.

As with all Valvetronix models, the VT+ Series incorporates the VOX Valve Reactor circuit, which places a 12AX7 vacuum tube in the power stage for true tube-amp tone. The preamp/modeling stage includes 33 musically accurate amplifier models, from coveted VOX classics to popular mainstays and exotic boutique amps. Each of the 33 models features three variations – Basic, with Effects and Song – for a total of 99 ready-to-use presets.

The 25 onboard effects are divided into Pedal, Modulation/Delay and Reverb categories, plus Noise Reduction. Multiple categories can be used at once to create richer complex sounds. The effects can be quickly edited and adjusted directly from the amplifier panel.

The Headphone/Lineout jack features Vox emulated speaker response, allowing for full amp/speaker sound when listening through headphones or recording directly. A stereo line input is also provided for jamming to MP3s, CDs, etc. The optional VFS5 footswitch allows hands-free control of effect and reverb on/off, plus control of tap-tempo timing, etc. Learn more at voxamps.com.

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