Slick SL-52 and SL-56

Budget Riff Rockers
Slick SL-52 and SL-56
Price: $289

Since 2004, Guitarfetish has been selling instruments, parts, pedals, and accessories online. Their Slick guitar line – designed and built with input from guitarist Earl Slick – includes the offset SL-56 and single-cut SL-52.

The guitars have similar construction – ash bodies, bolt-on maple necks with walnut fretboards, 24.75″ scale, medium jumbo frets, proprietary brass-keyed tuners, along with brass bridges and knobs. Our SL-56 tester carried the company’s distinctive finish achieved by applying black pigment to the bodies without pore filler, which is then sanded, treated with automotive paint, and lightly clear-coated. The result is a guitar that looks and feels like a well-used vintage survivor. It’s not a relic finish, but cool for those who like an instrument that feels well-played.

The offset SL-56 sports large f-shaped sound holes, a Slick signature Fullerton pickup in the bridge position, and a Slick Junior at the neck, which gives the guitar characteristic Tele spank, coupled with the midrange snarl of a classic P-90. Impressive, and very suited to rock, blues, country, and almost anything else.

The LP-style SL-52 has twin PAF-style Slick Alnico V pickups for classic twin-humbucker tone. All Slick pickups are hand-weathered and slightly “demagnetized,” and the tester took overdrive and high gain particularly well, making it a great platform for heavier styles. Both guitars balanced well, sitting, or standing.

The Slick SL-52 and SL-56 are worthy choices for those on a budget, or a seasoned player looking for something different.

This article originally appeared in VG’s September 2022 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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