Boss DD-200 Digital Delay

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Boss DD-200 Digital Delay
Price: $289.99

Delay pedals are essential, but there are so many different types – tape, reverse, tap, cascade, shimmer, analog and more. What if you could get all of them in one box, without breaking the bank? That’s the gist of the Boss DD-200, a delay that’s both simple to use and as sophisticated as the heaviest pro gear.

This Boss has 12 presets, all controlled by the knob on the left, as well as controls for Param, Tone, and Mod Depth. There’s two-band EQ and Effects Level to determine the mix with your dry guitar. Delay types include Tape, Analog, Drum (like a vintage Binson Echorec), Tera Echo (with reverb), Pad (slow attack), and Shimmer (long, ethereal tail).

There are also four memory locations and a basic looper for laying rhythms. A huge bonus is the display screen showing delay time and tempo, which is a must if you’re recording and syncing your delay with a song’s BPM or a keyboard arpeggiator. Now your delay repeats will be in rhythm with the other instruments. Certainly, you’ll find all the classic David Gilmour, Albert Lee, and The Edge delays in here, using a Tap Division button that offers half-, quarter-, and eighth-note modes, and dotted and triplet settings. These are indispensable tone tools.

Again, the Boss DD-200 Digital Delay threads the needle between super ease-of-use with sophisticated delay types and audio. This could be the last echo pedal you ever need.

This article originally appeared in VG’s September 2022 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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