John Scofield

John Scofield

In a lengthy career marked by collaborations with other jazz icons, Scofield’s first solo-guitar album (using only a looper) is no minor departure. He covers a swath of material, combining standards and originals with forays into rock and the roots music long an integral part of his repertoire.

His moving approach to Keith Jarrett’s “Coral” revisits a tune Scofield first recorded in 2000. The original “Honest I Do” features sharp lines atop languid chordal accompaniment, a contrast with his bluesier “Elder Dance.” Hank Williams’ “You Win Again” receives an austere, haunting interpretation. A surreal “Not Fade Away” retains Buddy Holly’s original rhythms as Scofield explores the melody, an approach similar to his spin on the New Orleans R&B standard “Junco Partner.”

The economical, bop-drenched “It Could Happen to You” is a tour-de-force, as Scofield injects two well-executed octave passages, changes key, and adds a brief, unaccompanied interlude. Another standard, “My Old Flame,” while reharmonized in spots, retains the song’s intimacy and eloquence. The reflective “Mrs. Scofield’s Waltz” blends lithe, free-flowing improvisations. Any accomplished guitarist realizes unaccompanied playing offers both freedom and challenges. It’s no surprise Scofield demonstrates that he’s more than up to the task.

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