Moving Pictures 40th Anniversary

If “The Spirit of Radio” helped Rush kick open the door to FM radio, its 1981 follow-up elevated them to blockbuster status. To mark the occasion, this 40th-anniversary Moving Pictures comes in tantalizing combinations of CD, Blu-Ray, ATMOS and 5.1 mixes, and vinyl.

Along with the studio anthems, the jackpot is an unreleased ’81 concert taped in Rush’s stronghold of Toronto. This is a multi-track soundboard recording; the mix sounds like you have a prime floor seat at Maple Leaf Gardens. “Limelight” is ferocious, with Alex Lifeson’s solo bathed in deep echo, chorus, and distortion. A section of the Hemispheres suite sounds piped-in directly from Mount Olympus, a slab of god-like prog. This alone is worth the price of admission.

Live takes of “The Camera Eye” and “Vital Signs” reveal Rush’s interest in British post-punk, mixing Geddy Lee’s minimalist synthesizer with Lifeson’s modulation-drenched white Strat. “YYZ” finds Lee assaulting his black Jazz Bass with fusion virtuosity. Alex’s classical-guitar performance of “Broon’s Bane” leading into “The Trees” is rapturous. The same can be said for this entire studio/live box; if you love Rush, it’s just about mandatory.

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