New Software That Teaches Fretboard Theory to Guitarists

Guitar Notes Master is a new software application that promises to help guitarists rapidly learn essential fretboard theory, scales, arpeggios and chords in an enjoyable way. Guitar Notes Master takes the student from the very basics of the guitar fretboard, through learning to find notes and to build scales, arpeggios and chords. Lessons go from the most basic chords and scales up to many of the more complex chords and scales in common usage.

Guitar Notes Master incorporates interactive lessons, building knowledge of guitar fretboard theory from the ground-up rather than relying simply on rote learning of chords and scale patterns. Thousands of practice questions are included so that students can practice the topics learned in the lessons using a virtual fretboard – so users can practice without a guitar! Finally, customisable and printable guitar exercises can be generated for the patterns to help the user to get the patterns they’ve learned "under their fingers".

Graham Pett of Pett Software comments "As a guitarist, I found that the books that aim to teach guitar fretboard theory tended to be very dry and confusing, and lacking in information on how to incorporate building the knowledge into your practice routine. Existing software tools seemed to concentrate only on rote memorisation of the position of notes on the fretboard rather than true understanding of the fretboard. I wanted to build something that would give guitarists the fretboard knowledge they really need and do it in an enjoyable way, so Guitar Notes Master was born."

Guitar Notes Master includes lessons and practice exercises covering the following topics:

Open Strings
Root Shapes
Note Names and Finding Notes on the Fretboard
Diatonic Scales (Major and Minor Scales)
Pentatonic Scales
Pentatonic Lead Patterns
Triads – Arpeggios and Chords
Seventh Arpeggios and Chords
Other Chord Types – Extended (e.g. 9th, 11th), Suspended Chords, 6, 6/9, Add9, Slash Chords and Power Chords
Modes – Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian
Other Scales – Blues Scales, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, Phrygian Dominant Mode, Whole Tone and Diminished Scale

No previous knowledge is assumed, so it is suitable for beginners, but the lessons progress to advanced topics so nearly all guitarists will find valuable information in the lessons. Guitar Notes Master also provides MIDI playback of examples, customisable display and support for left-handed guitarists.

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