Soir de Trottoir

Patrick Leguidecoq, better known as Romane, has been a pioneer of the Gypsy jazz revival. Beginning with his now-classic 1992 album Swing for Ninine, he’s hailed today for his ongoing efforts to spread the good word about Django Reinhardt’s music through his teaching.

This new album is Romane’s first in a decade and signals a welcome return. He fronts a trio including violinist Laurent Zeller and bassist Laurent Delaveau as they revisit and reinterpret some of Romane’s classic compositions.

The title track evokes a midnight walk down an eerie, dark street and unveils itself like a mysterious late-night melody heard from afar, building in intensity as the trio improvises. “Opus De Clignancourt” is a high-energy romp with guitar and violin duplicating the joyous melody line before Romane is set free to unreel some of the vibrant and inventive riffs for which he’s famed. The charging bass line drives the song.

“Dans Le Regard De Laura” – perhaps his most famous and lovely tune – is reinvented here with a poignancy and creative freedom that comes with three decades of playing the song. Both Romane’s lead lines and stylish rhythm breathe new life into the melody.

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