Nineteen Hand Horse


This Northern California unit, led by vocalist/songwriter Nathalie Archangel and husband, singer/guitarist Mark Montijo, both former pop-rockers, focus on twang-filled country with obvious pop overtones. Behind her smoky, aggressive voice and Montijo’s more-relaxed vocal delivery, the band is strong and economical, particularly guitarist Brad Sears and steel/resophonic player Kevin Gallagher.

The pickers and arrangements are, far and away, the album’s strongest points, another affirmation of how capable instrumentalists can enhance material. For example, the well-defined and articulated steel guitar of Gallagher – whose picking is set amongst compositions that never seem convincing – is the best part of “Just Another Honky Tonk Night.” Sears uses languid and fluent tremolo guitar to introduce “The Withering Romance of Trains.”

On “Fete Ginette,” a stew of well-known Louisiana tropes, Gallagher’s shimmering steel again brings a reassuring sense of cohesion, one that that fits the song’s good-timey message. The strongest moments on the Archangel/Montijo duet “19 Hand Tale” come from Gallagher’s limber resophonic licks. “Revel” is well-arranged to showcase Archangel’s vocal. “Remarkable Dude” reflects her sincere and heartfelt admiration for Austin music great Ray Wylie Hubbard, a figure only now getting the recognition he has long been due.

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