Pete Anderson Eastsider T in stunning Oceanside Green Sparkle

TOLEDO, OH (August 28, 2019) – Reverend Guitars has joined up with Wildwood Guitars for another limited run exclusive. The Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T in Oceanside Green Sparkle with a dark roasted maple neck and dark brown back is only available through the Colorado dealer. Only twelve are available – six with maple fretboards and six with pau ferro fretboards. Reverend Guitars has done a number of exclusive runs with the retailer since 2010.
I think that this color is a sweet addition to Wildwood’s legacy of cool tweaks to Reverend’s existing line – Ken Haas, Reverend Guitars CEO
Based on the vintage T platform, the Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T has lots of upgrades. With a body that’s chambered around the neck joint, a compound radius (10”-14”) sed neck, stainless steel saddles, and a push-pull phase switch in the tone control, this guitar has a vintage look and sound without the vintage issues.
Like all Reverend Guitars, this guitar has a Korina body. A Boneite nut, locking tuners, and a dual-action truss rod are all for maximum performance. You can’t be different if you’re playing what everyone else is. Visit to start your journey towards being an individual.