The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2

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The DryBell Vibe Machine V-2
Price: $298.75 (list)

DryBell is renowned for one of the most authentic and pedalboard-friendly Uni-Vibe recreations on the market. Five years after launching their original Vibe Machine, the fine folks at DryBell have reimagined that winning formula – and thrown in few welcome additions.

The V-2 updates the original Vibe Machine for clarity and flexibility. On the front, two classic Uni-Vibe controls, Intensity and Speed, are tuned for vibing that seems to ebb and flow around your playing rather than just laying on top of it. Ramping up the Speed control gives plenty of low end thump and an uncongested high end for thick, burbling tone brimming with character. Slowing it down creates sonorous phasing with a three-dimensional sweep, accentuated in all the right parts of the wave for perfect throb and thump. These slower sounds are very liquid and clear, yet retain low-end muscle and warmth peppered with a faint chorus-like response.

DryBell made the V-2 more versatile by including external trim pots and a voicing switch to further tailor harmonic response. In Original mode, the pedal’s high end is subtly rolled off, simulating the low-output impendence of the original Uni-Vibe. In Bright mode, the output impedance is at a more “modern” level, restoring the high-end response for a more hi-fi vibe. The Custom switch controls the input impedance. You can change almost all parts of the V-2’s sound and response, from volume to wave symmetry and range, essentially moving the throb to a different part of the wave for unconventional tones. And the V-2 worked wonderfully with fuzz and overdrive pedals, creating chewy and resounding tones.

The V-2 is an easy choice if you like flexibility without losing authenticity. This, along with its compact size and clear, prominent tone, make it one of the best vibe pedals out there.

This article originally appeared in VG May 2017 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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