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This Is Nate Najar
Nate Najar

Nate Najar plays accessible jazz on a classical guitar and applies classical technique to match. This album showcases the music veteran playing a variety of tunes that range from Chopin’s “Prelude in E Minor (op.28 no.4),” Chick Corea’s “500 Miles High” and “Chick’s Tune,” as well as Jobim’s “Insensatez (How Insensitive)” and “O Morro Não Tem Vez (Favela).” With a fondness for the rhythms of Brazil, Najar also swings splendidly on “Sidewalks Of New York” and the aforementioned “Chick’s Tune.”

Najar’s sensitive playing aside, this is a shrewd album. With its inspired bass, trumpet, and luscious cello, it’s a disc you could find on the playlists of the jazz neophyte as well as the disciple.

Intermingled with ballads like “But Oh, What Love!,” “Centerpiece,” and “Crystal Silence,” it’s a chill recording that embodies rich harmonic integrity, yet imparts a soothing quality absent in so many jazz recordings that hit hard and never let up. Najar’s tasty note selection, delicate touch, and immaculate technique offer the listener a comforting refuge, that keeps the outside world at bay and reminds guitarists of the beauty of flesh on nylon.

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