Strymon’s DIG Dual Digital Delay

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Strymon’s DIG Dual Digital Delay
Price: $299.99 (list)

Offering the heart and soul of those crystal-clear first-generation 1980s digital delays, California-based Strymon’s DIG Dual Digital Delay provides not only three classic digital voicings, but dual cascading or parallel delay times. 

Housed in Strymon’s standard  4×4.5×1.17″ anodized aluminum chassis, the DIG features rear chassis-mounted ¼″ In/Out and Power jacks, including a single Mono/Stereo TRS input jack, a pair of Right/Left output jacks, a control jack for an expression pedal, and a standard nine-volt DC jack, as well as chassis top-mounted controls and switches.

We listened to the DIG using a Fender Custom Shop 1960 Reissue Relic Stratocaster and a Fender ’59 reissue Bassman. 

On the surface the DIG may seem a bit complicated with its dual function controls and the dual Time and Time 2 (delay and subdivision) knobs, but in reality it couldn’t be easier to navigate this box and dial in a killer setting. The master delay time is set with the Time knob or the Tap tempo footswitch; the second delay time is set with the Time 2 rhythmic subdivision control, which can be set for triplets, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, dotted quarters, and the “Golden Ratio,” a setting in which the DIG really shines, producing a variety of nice syncopated rhythmic delays that are a blast to work with. And there’s also a three-way delay Mod (i.e., modulation) mini toggle.The DIG’s Type three-way mini toggle changes the type of digital delay process used between a 24/96 (a modern super-clean delay), ADM (early-’80s snappy percussive), and 12-bit (mid-’80s warm digital delay). The differences between the three are subtle but effective, allowing you to place the delay just right in the mix – more in-your-face with 24/96 or more laid back with 12-bit. All three have a high-quality low-noise dynamic sound just like the rack-mount units they emulate – clean accurate repeats with high bandwidth. 

If you like the quality, sound, and performance of those classic first-generation 1980s rack-mount delays, but don’t want to haul around two of them and a rack, the Strymon DIG Digital Delay pedal may be just the ticket. It’s one unit packed with two high-quality and easy-to-navigate delays that also happen to sound great.

This article originally appeared in VG April 2016 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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