September 2002



The Different Strummer
Harmony Guitars, Part III Jay Kraus’ presidency marked a significant change in the look and identity of Harmony guitars. By Michael Wright

The Return of the Electric Prunes
Pigeonholed as ’60s “garage punk,” the Prunes garnered hits and recorded a rock opera. But was the label accurate? By Willie G. Moseley

Leo Nocentelli
A Meter Keeps Running Whether it’s a funky single-line melody, killer jazz, or big, fuzzy rock, he can handle it all. By John Heidt

John Hiatt
America’s Troubadour A fantastic songwriter who surrounds himself with great talent, he has penned several platinum hits recorded by others. By Tom Guerra

Gettin’ Wild with Mr. Rick Holmstrom
He toes the line between awesome chops and straight-up fun, referencing classic lines while smackin’ ’em out with his own style. By Frank Falduto

The Fender Telecaster
It’s a model of simplicity, beauty, and unimprovable functionality. From Leo’s prototype through today, there’s a reason the Telecaster has remained the Alpha Male of solidbody electric guitars. By Ward Meeker

The Gibson Kalamazoo Award
Designer’s Dream Come True Wilbur Fuller produced Gibson’s first tuned-by-ear custom guitar, and it won the hearts of company brass. By Gil Hembree

The People’s Guitar
Gibson’s Depression-era Budget Lines The 1930s were a terrible time, yet produced some of the most wonderful art, music, and literature – and some great, inexpensive guitars. By L.B. Fred

Stephen Bruton
In the Spirit of the Ft. Worth Tradition His early experiences included associations that furthered him as a guitarist and producer, like gigs backing up Kris Kristofferson and Bonnie Raitt. By Willie G. Moseley


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Executive Rock
A Not So Solomon-Like Decision
By Willie G. Moseley

Jerry Krahn
By Kelly Hagen

Classic Concerts
Santana at Woodstock
By Glen Anderson

Q&A With George Gruhn
Fake Strat Saturation?

Mando Mania
By Steven Stone

James Burton
By Wolf Marshall

Studio Aces
Al Hendrickson
By Jim LaDiana

Guitar To Bass
By Riley Wilson


Guitar Shop
Making a Do-It-Yourself Legend
By Tony Nobles

A Fixed-Bias Fix
By Gerald Weber

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


Vintage Guitar Gear Reviews
Fender Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck Strats, TCM Sportser, Jensen P10R speakers, Stetsbar vibrato

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The latest cool new stuff!

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Record, Video, and Book Reviews

Check This Action!
The Genius of George Cordoba
By Dan Forte

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