Big Time Sarah – A Million Of You

A Million Of You

A 70-something sassy songstress, Big Time Sarah has been on the Chicago blues scene for over 25 years, and it’s obvious she can belt with the best of them.

Of perhaps greater interest is the brilliant accompaniment of guitarist Rico McFarland. Deeply versed in the pre-1980 Texas blues idiom, McFarland pays obvious respect to the Houston School – in particular, Albert Collins.

By no means content to mimic, Rico keeps the heat on in all the registers (bass, treble, and mid-range), touching on some Wes-inspired octave soloing on the title cut.

He’s clean and articulate, and while the licks are probably configurations of great licks past, his lighting speed (not forsaking taste) is worth more than a mention. It’ll be interesting to hear what he does in a solo performance setting.

By the way, Big Time Sarah has the delivery of a vocalist of a performer half her age.

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