Pinnick – Gales – Pridgen

Pinnick – Gales – Pridgen

Dug Pinnick, Eric Gales, and Thomas Pridgen have returned with the followup to last year’s Pinnick–Gales–Pridgen. That first album was fueled by superb musicians rising to the occasion to create inspired work in just 13 days.

Now, PGP offers detuned heaviosity, incendiary guitar work, and frenetic drumming. Minus the novelty, our attention is focused squarely on artistry.

Pinnick and Gales don’t have a lot of vocal contrast. What makes King’s X the greatest underrated metal band in history was the juxtaposition between Pinnick’s black-church vocal flourishes, and Ty Tabor’s dark John Lennon fixations. Pinnick and Gales are vocally too similar. Despite this, PGP2 kicks it and shines brightest when Pinnick takes over on “Every Step Of The Way.”

The album has scorching blues, gospel, and heavy rock compositions highlighted by skillful playing. Pridgen’s busy syncopations push the band beyond any similar collaboration, while Pinnick’s lyrics are as intense and personal as ever. Gales has hit a creative plateau and burns on autopilot, but his autopilot is superior to his contemporaries on their best day.

PGP2 is a powerful album with percolating groove, soul, and more soul.

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