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The Life and Times (& Guitars!) Of…
From the legendary band he formed to his stellar hit-making solo work, the guitar has always been a big part of his work. We recently sat with the rock and roll icon, and had a look at his guitar collection. By Dan Forte

1934 MARTIN 000-28
It represents a model in transition – even to the point of confusion – which is an unusual situation at Martin, where through most of the company’s 172-year history, design changes have been few and far between. By George Gruhn

Fender’s 1968-’71 Telecaster Thinline
As musicians moved to a more mellow sound, Fender began losing ground to semi-hollow electrics. Cue Roger Rossmeisl and his semi-hollow Tele design that stayed true to the classic’s look, feel, and tone. By R.J. Klimpert

Memphis Bass Legend
From the Mar-Keys and Booker T to landmark sessions with Aretha, Otis, E.C., and the Blues Brothers, the Memphis native has enjoyed a long and laudable career. And he still enjoys time in the spotlight. By Willie G. Moseley

In 1961, fiberglass was a space-age material; lightweight, easy to mold, and super strong, it could be used for just about anything. And while you might look cool onstage with a guitar made from it, the material wasn’t exactly great for making music. By Michael Wright

’80s “Superstrats:” Tribute to a Classic
Time was when guitar dealers spat out terms like “pointy” and “droopy” as profanities. But time moves on, and though they may not yet be “vintage,” some ’80s axes are darned fine guitars. By Michael Wright

The Gibson Electric Bass
Yet another example of the staid, traditional manufacturer playing catchup with the upstart Fender company, it didn’t prove to be much competition. Less than 550 were made from 1953 to ’58. By Willie G. Moseley


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Chet Helms honored, Link Wray passes, Gibson donates $1 million, N.Y. Guitar Festival, In Memoriam, more!

Imaginational Anthem
Acoustic Visionaries
By Dan Forte

Alvin Youngblood Hart
Highly Motivated
By Oscar Jordan

Ten Years in the Making
New Book Chronicles Building the Perfect Instrument
By Eric C. Shoaf

Brian Ray
Guitar For Paul (And Others)
By Elliot Stephen Cohen

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Ricky Phillips
Babys Basses
By Willie G. Moseley

John Beland
B-Bending Former Burrito Brother Keeps On
By John Heidt

Billy Sherwood
Reconstructing The Wall
By Willie G. Moseley


Q&A With George Gruhn

Promises You Can’t Keep: Arlington ’05
By Steven Stone

Mind Over Matter
By Riley Wilson


Dan’s Guitar Rx
24-Hour Approval
By Dan Erlewine

Guitar Shop
A ’70s-Fender Refret
By Tony Nobles

Resurrecting a Dormant Tube Amp
By Gerald Weber

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


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Music, Book and Video Reviews: Guitar music for the holidays from Setzer, Rev. Horton Heat, Skaggs Family, and more; plus Marah, Neil Young, Tommy Castro, Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead, and others!

Check This Action
The Year in Surf
Dan Forte

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