EarthQuaker Debuts Pitch Bay, Terminal Fuzz


Earthquaker Pitch BayThe EarthQuaker Pitch Bay is a three-part polyphonic harmonizer and distortion generator that can be adjusted by stepped semitones, from one to 12 semitones (full octave) above and below the root. Each voice (Pitch up, Pitch down, and Root) has an adjustable mix that can be cut or boosted. It also has an adjustable input gain, all-analog signal path, all-digital pitch shifting, and true-bypass switching.

Earthquaker Terminal FuzzThe EarthQuaker Terminal Fuzz adapts the company’s JAX fuzz, allowing control over gain, fine-tuning the EQ, and a giving it adjustable volume boost. The Voice knob controls upper and lower midrange, while Treble adjusts top-end response. It also has a control for Fuzz, all-analog signal path, and true-bypass switching. For more, go to

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