JHS Upgrades Panther Cub Delay Pedal


JHS Panther Cub DelayJHS Pedals’ Panther Cub Delay is designed as an upgrade to the original Panther, packaged in an enclosure half the size of the original. It offers 1,000 milliseconds of delay, an all-analog signal path, eight 3208 delay chips, four-position Ratio control (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8, triplets), soft-touch tap-tempo switch, onboard modulation (speed/depth) that stays accurate even when using tap-tempo, an internal Roar switch for two modes of oscillation sensitivity, EFX Loop (via TRS splitter) that allows placement of any effect on repeats only, dry out (via TRS splitter) for stereo field of sound top-mounted input/output jacks, a true-speed LED, and more. It runs on 9-volt DC power. For more information, visit www.jhspedals.com.

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