Claudio Ortiz Launches Stone Guitar Company

Claudio Ortiz Launches Stone Guitar Company

stone-guitar-companyBrazilian guitar designer/builder Claudio Ortiz, who for years has made and marketed Spanich guitars in Brazil, is now offering instruments in the U.S,. under the Stone Guitar Company brand.

The line includes four models in various colors and materials with custom options. He uses a range of woods abundant in Brazil but not often used by U.S. makers, including laure, frejo, and Brazilian mahogany and cedar. Fingerboards of kingwood or pau ferro are adorned with pyramid inlays, and hardware is by Hipshot and Floyd Rose.

The company makes its own pickups but also offers those made by Bare Knuckles and Seymour Duncan.

The company will display at January’s NAMM show in Anaheim. Learn more at

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