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LAST CHANCE TO VOTE – 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards

B.B. King was inducted into the VG Hall of Fame in 1997. Deadline for entries is December 11, 2017. Double entries will be disqualified. By submitting a ballot, you will automatically be entered in our Readers’ Choice Awards Giveaway with a chance to win a Supro guitar/amp package worth $4,379! New inductees and contest winners will be announced in the April ’18 issue.

Tele of Two Legends

One day in the mid 1950s, up-and-coming thoroughbred jockey Bill Shoemaker was playing host to his friend, bandleader Hank Penny, who had come calling with a special gift in a brown case.

Legendary ’Burst

We take a life-size look at the 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard with a sound that has for decades fascinated guitar lovers and blues fans with its evocative, inimitable tone.

Greg Martin’s ’65 Fender Stratocaster

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_swmoUQy5M?rel=0] This is a regular series of exclusive Vintage Guitar online features where The Kentucky Headhunters’ Greg Martin looks back on influential albums and...

Envious Omissions

Gretsch aficionados know the adage – “Clubs have holes and a Gentleman don’t!” With this guitar, though, somebody messed with the system! Under normal circumstances,...

Wandré Modele Karak

We all recognize that guitars are art, but rarely has the instrument been as consciously approached from this perspective by the maker as with the ’60s creations of Wandré Pioli.

Gibson Les Paul Spotlight Special

It was 1983, and Gibson was in the throes of its darkest days. Norlin Industries had incurred excessive debt, sales were down, and the Gibson name for sale. Amidst the chaos, an idea was borne for a limited run of Les Pauls. Those set on collecting them know just how limited their production was.

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Readers’ Choice Awards Inductees 1990-Today

Vintage Guitar magazine has been honoring those who inspired and awed us as guitar players, fans, and listeners by inducting great players, instruments, and innovators into the VG Hall of Fame. We also choose Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, and Players of the Year. Who and what goes into the VG Readers’ Choice Awards has always been determined by the readers of VG.

Rickenbacker 375F

Every guitar company has had its odd ducks, its failures, its forgotten models. While some are consigned to the scrapheap of history for good...
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