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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Rockn Stompn Offers Foot-Activated Sequential Power Strip/Surge Protector


The Rockn Stompn RS–4 foot-activated  power strip is housed in a welded stainless-steel enclosure and is designed to power up/down a set of equipment in proper sequence with the tap of a foot. It conforms to UL standard UL1363 and UL1449-3, and provides 1,935 joules of surge protection, includes EMI/RFI noise filtering, power conditioning, and […]

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Source Audio Launches Soundblox Effects


Source Audio’s Soundblox 2 OFD (Overdrive/Fuzz/Distortion) Guitar and Bass microModeler pedals offer 12 tones voiced to accommodate the frequency range of guitar or bass, with models of Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps, as well as iconic pedals including the Big Muff, Fuzz Face, and Tube Screamer. See more at

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Traveler Guitar Offers AG-105EQ


Traveler Guitar’s AG-105EQ is a portable acoustic guitar with full scale length, a custom-designed EQ with tuner and headphone amp, 1/8” auxiliary input, and the company’s new Streamline Tuning System, which incorporates a headless design with locking string retainers at the nut and a right-hand tuning system mounted to the endblock. For more, visit

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Siegmund Introduces Micro Tube Spring Reverb


Siegmund’s Micro Tube Spring Reverb is a transformerless stand-alone unit that uses a musically balanced circuit that enhances the reverb springs with natural response from its micro tubes. It connects to guitar amp inputs or effects loops, studio mixing consoles, and PAs. The input can be switched to accept guitar pickup signals or any kind of […]

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The Budda Twinmaster

Return of a Boutique Legend

In the early days of boutique-amp building, there were but a few contenders on the scene. One of the strongest amplifiers in those days was made by Budda. First released in 1995, the company’s Twinmaster presented 18 watts of raw tone that made it a no-brainer buy for many, and it soon found its way […]

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SpiderCapo Offers Twist


SpiderCapo’s six independent fingers make it possible for a player to employ multiple tunings within a song, and use open tunings and barre chords without de-tuning. It weighs one ounce, fits all standard electric guitars and nylon- or steel-string acoustics, and uses leather on surfaces where the capo is in contact with the guitar’s neck. […]

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Dominick Montuoro, Noted Danelectro Collector, Passes


Dominick Montuoro, a noted authority and collector of Danelectro guitars, passed away September 11 at his home in Florida. He was 72. Montuoro began collecting guitars in the late ’70s when a Silvetone amp-in-case caught his eye. From there, he began to collect primarily Danelectro-made instruments, becoming one of the top early  experts on the brand. Montuoro and his […]

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Doug Doppler

Art Appreciation, Import-Style - Doug Doppler’s Ibanez Collection

Doug Doppler recalls how, at age five, his first swimming lesson fell on the same day as his first guitar lesson. Beyond mere coincidence, there is no connection between the two. Nonetheless, these days, Doppler is “swimming” in guitars – specifically, vintage Ibanez. Doppler is an L.A.-based musician and great example of how a guitarist […]

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Gibson’s “Non-Reverse” ’Birds


In the ’60s, Gibson strived mightily to meet the demands of players of all levels while also working to maintain its image as industry leader. One of its primary attempts at the latter involved the Firebird guitars and Thunderbird basses introduced in ’63. Marked by innovative neck-through construction, unique features and looks, the Thunderbird’s full-size scale […]

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Red Fang

Murder the Mountains
Relapse Records

Throughout 10 pummeling tracks, the Portland, Oregon-based Red Fang demonstrates everything that is right with heavy metal today, displaying an excellent array of influences, from Black Sabbath to Alice In Chains to Metallica. The resulting metal can be safely filed under the sub-genre of “stoner metal,” alluding to the sound Sabbath made famous 40 years […]

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