Dominick Montuoro, Noted Danelectro Collector, Passes


Dominick Montuoro, a noted authority and collector of Danelectro guitars, passed away September 11 at his home in Florida. He was 72. Montuoro began collecting guitars in the late ’70s when a Silvetone amp-in-case caught his eye. From there, he began to collect primarily Danelectro-made instruments, becoming one of the top early  experts on the brand. Montuoro and his beloved Danos were featured prominently in two books written by fellow aficionado Doug Tulloch. He was also the subject of features stories in the Wall Street Journal and several local newspapers. Dominick was also a founding member of the Danelectro Club with Jay Rosen, Rick King, and several other enthusiasts.

Montuoro was a self-taught finger-style guitarist, using only books and tapes to hone his skills.  He became  accomplished at several of his favorite Reverend Gary Davis and Chet Atkins songs. – Brian Conner

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