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Budda Verbmaster 112

Versatile 18-Watter
Budda Verbmaster 112 Home

Budda Verbmaster 112 Price: $1,800 (street) Contact: budda.com As part of its Hand-Wired series, Budda has reissued the tube-rectified Verbmaster 1×12 combo that differs from similarly powered amps because it’s a two-channel with reverb and a second (hotter) input. The Verbmaster uses the same (more…)

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Tony Furtado

Funzalo Records

If you had picked up Golden without hearing one of Tony Furtado’s previous 14 albums, you’d never guess he was once a banjo prodigy. After winning the National Bluegrass Banjo competition at 19, he was on his way when he made a left turn (more…)

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ZT Amplifiers’ Lunchbox Junior

Tasty Treat

ZT Amplifiers Lunchbox Junior Price: $149 (street) Info: www.ztamplifiers.com. ZT Amplifiers is known for producing compact amps that generate sounds which defy their size. Their latest, the 35-watt ZT Lunchbox Junior, is the pint-sized version of the ZT Lunchbox (though even the larger model is very (more…)

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5th Annual Edmonton Fall Guitar Show & Sale


September 29, at the Grand Ballroom, Rmada Edmonton Hotel & Conference Centre, 11834 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Show hours 10-5. For more info, contact edmontonfallguitarshow.com. (more…)

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Happy Traum

American Stranger
Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop

Resurrected from Stefan Grossman’s Kicking Mule label of the ’70s (1977, to be exact), Stranger was the followup to Traum’s solo debut, Relax Your Mind. In lieu of beefing up the 30-minute set with bonus tracks, the album is paired with a 13-song DVD (more…)

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The Selmer Zodiac 50

The Zodiac Twin Fifty

An amp maker at the very heart of the British guitar boom of the late ’50s and early ’60s, Selmer was, for a time, the leader in the field, though it’s all too easy to (more…)

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It was 27 years ago today


27 years ago today the first issue of your favorite guitar mag came off the presses of a weekly newspaper in New Salem, North Dakota, a town 25 miles west of Vintage Guitar’s world headquarters in Bismarck. Publisher Alan Greenwood drove out late that Friday afternoon, after (more…)

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Line 6 Offers POD HD Pro X


Line 6 has introduced the POD HD Pro X to replace its POD HD Pro, which uses the same collection of HD amps as its predecessor, from vintage classics to modern powerhouses, with Dynamic DSP  effects. It also offers a variety of analog and digital connections. Learn mor eat http://line6.com.

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Rockn Stompn Offers Foot-Activated Sequential Power Strip/Surge Protector


The Rockn Stompn RS–4 foot-activated  power strip is housed in a welded stainless-steel enclosure and is designed to power up/down a set of equipment in proper sequence with the tap of a foot. It conforms to UL standard UL1363 and UL1449-3, and provides 1,935 joules (more…)

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Source Audio Launches Soundblox Effects


Source Audio’s Soundblox 2 OFD (Overdrive/Fuzz/Distortion) Guitar and Bass microModeler pedals offer 12 tones voiced to accommodate the frequency range of guitar or bass, with models of Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps, as well as iconic pedals including the Big Muff, Fuzz Face, and (more…)

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