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Mesa Launches Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five


The Mesa Mini Rectifier Twenty-Five is an all-tube amp using two EL-84 power tubes and five 12AX7 tubes in the preamp. A lunchbox-sized amp, it has an all-metal chassis with black crinkle-coat finish highlighted with a diamond-plate face. It has Mesa’s channel-assignable Multi-Watt technology (more…)

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Oli Brown

Ruf Records
Oli Brown thumb

Guitarist Oli Brown is a bright light in the world of blues guitar. While plenty of youngsters are playing, not many in their mid 20s are carving a sound and feel of their own. On Heads I Win Tails You Lose, Brown shows an (more…)

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Roy Jay

Fairfax Avenue
Roy Jay thumb

Roy Jay’s music flutters between swaggering suburban bar blues to California country/rock; sometimes within a single song, as on “Fatal Mistake.” But he’s a good player, with a fine acoustic sound (“John Brown”), funky enough most of the time, and with a voice that (more…)

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Eastwood Introduces Airline ’59 Coronado


Eastwood Guitars ’59 Coronado has a white body with black rubber binding, offset with white binding on a black headstock , a zero fret, and a Bigsby. It’s a 25 ½”-scale guitar with a (more…)

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BC Audio No. 9, No. 10 amplifiers


BC Audio’s new Amplifier No. 9 is a 45-watt non-Master-Volume amp with variable Boost. It uses a pair of KT66s and a GZ34 rectifier with three 6SL7 preamp tubes and has controls for Normal Volume, Bright Volume, Boost, Presence, and Depth. BC’s Amplifier No. 10 uses a pair of EL34s and four 6SL7s, and is […]

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Martin Six String Customs Holy Grail Harness


The Martin Six String Customs Holy Grail harness uses CTS 550K short-shaft audio-taper potentiometers with 10 percent tolerance to give the pot a gradual increase in volume through the entire shaft rotation. Its pots are grounded with 20-gauge bus wire and have been hand-aged, (more…)

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Lollar Thunderbird Pickup


Lollar’s Thunderbird-style replacement pickup uses Alnico V magnets, nickel-finished covers with chrome or gold options. Other options include black pickup surrounds and shims for retrofitting Epiphone basses. For more, go to lollarguitars.com. (more…)

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Guitar Sleeve


Guitar Sleeve is a fabricated cover designed to protect a guitar from scratches, nicks, dirt, sweat and wear. Its draw string allows for easy installation and removal. Read more at guitarsleeve.com. (more…)

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Fender Launches American Vintage Series, Blacktop Basses, Mustang


Fender’s American Vintage ’69 Telecaster Thinline has a semi-hollow mahogany body with f hole and gloss lacquer finish, C-shaped maple neck, maple fingerboard, single-coil pickups with three-position switching, vintage-style three-saddle string-through bridge, “top hat” switch tip, and vintage-style F-stamped tuners. The American Vintage ’72 Telecaster Custom has a solid ash body with gloss lacquer finish, […]

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Boss Intros BC-2 and FB-2 pedals


The Boss BC-2 Combo Drive overdrive/distortion category offers three voices that can be dialed in with the pedal’s Sound, Bass, and Treble controls, while the Level controls overall effect volume. Boss’ FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster combines an adjustable tone/gain boost with the ability to engage feedback on-demand. It has controls for Boost, Level, and Tone, and a […]

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