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Albert Castiglia – These Are The Days


New York-born/Miami-raised Albert Castiglia is primarily, and by instinct, a blues man. But on his third album the one-time member of Junior Wells’ band displays a wide stylistic versatility along with his considerable guitar chops. As a singer, he sounds so much like John Hiatt in (more…)

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Johnny Rivers


Johnny Rivers on July 4, 2006. Photo: Elliot Cohen. When Bob Dylan names your version of one of his songs as his favorite of the more than 25,000 covers done over the past 40-plus years, that’s pretty high praise. However, Dylan offered that assessment (more…)

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Antonio de Torres 1863


1863 Antonio de Torres Antonio de Torres was the most important guitar maker of the 19th century, exerting an influence worldwide on the design and construction of the modern guitar that is unrivaled in the history of the instrument. His model (more…)

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The Vox AC15 Custom Classic

A Classic Improvement?

Vox AC15 Custom Classic. In the lore surrounding Vox Amplification, the AC30 is the king of the hill, the alpha male, the one that first springs to mind. But history reminds us that when they were introduced in the late 1950s, (more…)

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Son Volt – American Central Dust


For Jay Farrar, these are the worst of times and the best of times, to appropriate and paraphrase a famous line. As a songwriter and musician with the spirit of a Woody Guthrie – or at least, the Carter Family – the economy and world woes (more…)

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Eastwood EEB-1 and EUB-1

Horizontal Vibe

Eastwood’s EEB-1 and the EUB-1 Eastwood’s EEB-1 and the EUB-1 take their design inspiration from Ampeg’s quirky mid-’60s Horizontal Bass series, the brainchild of Dennis Kager, an amp technician and guitar specialist who worked for the company at the time. The Ampegs (the fretted AEB-1 and (more…)

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John Jorgenson

Continued Gypsy

John Jorgenson’s latest offering is French Gypsy jazz played by a California boy as recorded in Nashville and honed while touring the world over. Jorgenson’s fascination with the music of Django Reinhardt goes way back. He began playing Gypsy jazz three decades ago while gigging at Disneyland. (more…)

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The Gibson Les Paul Special


Technically this early-1961 is an SG Special, but for all practical purposes it’s still a Les Paul. Photo: Billy Mitchell, courtesy Gruhn Guitars. Instrument courtesy Gil Southworth. Gibson’s Les Paul Special was the last of the original Les Paul “family” of guitars introduced, (more…)

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Roy Orbison

Unequivocally Essential

When Roy Orbison walked onstage, the black Gibson ES-335 around his neck wasn’t just for show. Orbison was a pretty good picker, and he holds down a good portion of the guitar on the sides from the Teen Kings and the Wink Westerners included in this (more…)

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Seth Lover

Humbuckers and Other Lover innovations

The history of the musical instrument business is full of stories, from the drab to the miraculous. Some bean counters will busily push their way to the forefront, grabbing for a piece of history, while others quietly create. Seth Lover peers out at me from the doorway of his humble Southern (more…)

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