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Aiken Invader 30


Randall Aiken makes his home in Buford, Georgia, and for many years has been repairing and designing amps. A double-degree holding electrical engineer who put himself through college by fixing and modifying guitar amps and playing guitar in bar bands, Aiken is quite familiar with the vagaries (more…)

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Hot Strings – Delicatessen


The opening song on this new album from the venerable Swiss group Hot Strings says a lot about this band and the sense of humor of its leader, guitarist Fere Scheidegger: Delicatessen kicks off with a Gypsy jazz version of Peter Green’s “Black Magic Woman” that (more…)

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Tele-Star 5004

Superior Communications Device

In the late 1950s, the launch of the satellite Sputnik scared the pants off America and inspired a race to catch up. We pulled ahead with the TeleStar I satellite, developed by Bell Labs and launched in 1962. TeleStar was a superior communications device, and it was accompanied by rock instrumentals by the Tornadoes (more…)

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February 2006


FEATURES JOHN FOGERTY The Life and Times (& Guitars!) Of… From the legendary band he formed to his stellar hit-making solo work, the guitar has always been a big part of his work. We recently sat with the rock and roll icon, and had a look at his guitar collection. By Dan Forte 1934 MARTIN […]

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Legendary Tones Time Machine Boost

Built like a tank, but sings like a bird...

To call Legendary Tones’ Time Machine Boost “…a distortion pedal” would be to sell it extremely short. Designed for use with high-quality tube amps, the Time Machine’s purpose is to boost (more…)

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Emmylou Harris – 5 Recording Review


Pieces Of Sky, Elite Hotel, Luxury Liner, Quarter Moon In A Ten Cent Town and Blue Kentucky Girl As huge a star as Emmylou Harris is, and as long and varied as her career has been, her achievements still don’t get their due, (more…)

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