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Psychedelic Breakfast – Deuce


Okay, I’m not sure how to approach this one… The band is a trippy mix of jazz, rock, folk, and everything in between. There’s a definite Grateful Dead vibe, and that’s part of my problem. I was never a Dead fan. I (more…)

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Pat Metheny Group – Speaking of Now

Speaking of Now

Pat Metheny has played in a lot of contexts in recent years. Lots of duos, lots of work with jazzers of different ilks, and, of course, his own group. I like his playing almost anywhere, but I like the stuff (more…)

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Charlie Musselwhite – One Night In America

One Night In America

Anyone who’s surprised at the stylistic diversity of the latest offering from Charlie Musselwhite hasn’t been paying close attention to the blues icon’s path. On Rough News, from ’97, he slipped in some Brazilian street music, and on 1999’s (more…)

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Alessandro Working Dog amps

Designed and built for tone - and the real world

George Alessandro and his amps have been high-profile for some time, and both are highly regarded. Over the years, George has repaired, modified, and tweaked thousands of amps. (more…)

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Reverend Horton Heat – Revival


Sometimes its hard to tell whether the good Reverend Horton Heat is a musician, comedian, or conceptual artist. Revival attempts to define him in musical and cultural terms. His three-piece band burns through 15 good-time rockabilly tunes that showcase his wit and solid guitar playing. The (more…)

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Nick Curran and the Nightlifes – Player!


I enjoyed Nick’s first effort and was quite excited to hear this followup. And I wasn’t disappointed. You’ve got to love a guy who mixes T-Bone Walker, Little Richard, and everything in between, wears a fur coat on his CD cover, and is never without (more…)

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Tony Rice – The Bluegrass Guitar Collection

The Bluegrass Guitar Collection

Tony Rice and the words “bluegrass guitar” are rarely, if ever, separated. Along with Doc Watson, Dan Crary, and Clarence White, Tony Rice has had more influence on modern flatpicking than anyone else. This new anthology from Rounder shows the (more…)

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Fender “Mary Kaye” Stratocaster


The Fender “Mary Kaye” Stratocaster. A term guitar aficionados have come to associate with 1950s Strat with blond finish with gold-plated hardware! Although Mary Kaye never owned one and Fender never offically listed a “Mary Kaye” model, her name has become synonymous with this Strat. Though (more…)

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Gigliotti Special

More Than Just Another Classic-Inspired Axe

The Gigliotti Special is a lot more than just another guitar inspired by a classic design. Rather, it’s a unique-looking custom instrument that sounds as good as it looks. Builder Patrick Gigliotti’s (pronounced Jill-au’ tee) two (more…)

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Kentucky Headhunters – Soul


Yes, it’s true, this one came out some time ago, but it has occupied space on my listening stack for a long time. The Headhunters have been “popular” for more than 15 years, and they were a band 20 years before that. They still (more…)

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