Psychedelic Breakfast – Deuce


Okay, I’m not sure how to approach this one… The band is a trippy mix of jazz, rock, folk, and everything in between. There’s a definite Grateful Dead vibe, and that’s part of my problem. I was never a Dead fan. I like a few tunes, but mostly found them boring as hell. There’s some of that here, too. The vocals here sound like leftovers from San Francisco ca. ’67.

The lyrics are… well, the kindest description would be goofy, trippy, and child-like. That said, the band cooks, and guitarist Tim Palmieri is as amazing a player as I’ve heard in awhile. He can do it all. Check out “Tribal Funk Affliction.” Like many of the tunes here, it’s broken up in sections. First, Palmieri flies on a solo that would put dozens of ’70s fusion guitarists to shame. Then he rocks like a madman. “See the Light” moves from a rock ballad into a jazzy-Latin section that again showcases Palmieri’s chops. He definitely knows his way around a wah-wah pedal too. “What the Funk” and the afore-mentioned “Tribal Funk Affliction” let him show that, with the latter becoming a funkfest fueled by his rhythm guitar.

These are amazing musicians. And Palmieri is as good a guitarist as you’ll run across in the rock idiom. If a late-’60s vibe (think San Francisco and the Dead), not Beatles or Allmans, or MC5, are your thing, you’ll love this. For me, it was enough to love Palmieri’s guitar playing and leave it at that.

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