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Cornford Hurricane

Exemplary "extension of your playing" amplifier

Since its introduction, English amp builder Paul Cornford’s 6-watt Harlequin recording amp has had a reputation for great sound. Many an all-star Brit player, and notable Yanks like Joe Satriani, have been proudly pictured in-studio (more…)

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The Jimmy Bruno Group – Midnight Blue


I dunno… sometimes it seems silly to review things like this. Everyone who follows jazz guitar knows Jimmy Bruno is a knock-down monster player with both chops and soul. In fact, technically, he’s about as good as it gets. So you (more…)

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BBE DI-1000 and DI-100X Direct Boxes

Electronic Icing for Your Tone

Have you ever wished your guitar sound just had a little more zing? A little more kick to your electric, or shine to your acoustic tone? If so, listen up. BBE has created a pair (more…)

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Martin Barre

Tull axe man solos agian

Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre’s new album, Stage Left, is his third solo effort, and not only does it contain great riffs and tones (every track but one is an instrumental), the veteran musician also opted to cite (more…)

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Greg Koch – Radio Free Gristle

Radio Free Gristle

Ya gotta love this stuff! Greg Koch, for those of you who haven’t run across him, is one of those guitarists who spark awe in other players. His chops are impeccable, and his attitude makes pretty much everything he plays (more…)

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Bob Dylan on Hybrid SACDs


Sony and Phillips have been heavily hyping their new Super Audio CD format since its inception two years ago. For most consumers, SACD and its competitor DVD-A have been non-issues because of the lack of compelling software. Hardware (more…)

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Robben Ford – Keep On Running


If there’s a guitarist working right now who I like more than Robben Ford, I’m not sure who it’d be. He’s done so many interesting projects in the past six or seven years – not just his own, but stuff with (more…)

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Roots of Echo Part IV

For those of you checking out our Echoplex series for the first time (and regular readers, too), a brief glance back: Part I perused the groundbreaking use of echo by Les Paul, plus the first dedicated echo machine (more…)

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Tal Farlow – The Complete Verve Tal Farlow Sessions

The Complete Verve Tal Farlow Sessions

If Mosaic’s compilations haven’t yet appeared on your radar screen, let me enlighten you. Mosaic issues stunningly beautiful and often sprawling tributes to legendary jazz performers like Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Hank Mobley, J.J. Johnson and, (more…)

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C’mon Sheryl Crow – America 2003(DVD), Best of (CD)


The latest releases from Sheryl Crow help affirm something I’ve thought for a long time… that she is a “keeper of the flame” for the kind of rock and roll a lot of us grew up (more…)

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