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Monthly Archives: July 2004

David Grisman Quintent – Dawgnation


How many musicians can be said to have invented a truly new style of music in the past, say, 25 years? Not just form a new branch of an existing style, but plant a whole new tree, from which new branches have grown as a direct result. Whether your answer is one or a dozen […]

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Lapdancer Steel

Art that carries at tune

Hearing we were set to receive lapsteel to review, we thought “Finally, something we’re qualified to review!” Then the Lapdancer arrived in its huge case, and we thought, “It’s a regular old guitar?” Eh eh. Far from it. True, the Lapdancer isn’t your grandpa’s steel guitar. But it’s also beyond the realm of your typical […]

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Flying Burrito Brothers – Sin City: The Best of the Flying Burrito Brothers

Sin City: The Best of the Flying Burrito Brothers

I confess. Sometimes I find it hard to separate the myth of Gram Parsons from the actual musician. I don’t think there’s any denying the talent of the man. A gifted songwriter to be sure, but at times, the performances don’t match the legend, as happens sometimes when an artist dies at such a young […]

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Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home & Highway 61 Revisited


Here’s a couple of vinyl releases by Sundazed that I thought I could use to highlight their fabulous vinyl reissues. If you’re a vinyl freak, you’ll love these. Take these two, for instance. Thick vinyl, with the original artwork and liner notes… even the original Columbia label with the “360 Sound” logo, it’s all here. […]

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Joe Osborn

A Few (Hundred) Hits

Joe Osborn. His face has never been on a record jacket or album cover. Odds are most have heard his name, but have no idea what his musical accomplishments have meant to contemporary pop music. If you listened to the radio or owned a record player in the ’60s, you heard Joe Osborn picking out […]

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Larry Reinhardt

Waxes Sufficiently

Larry Reinhardt’s world nearly collapsed in 1991, when a car accident mangled his left hand. The former guitarist for Captain Beyond and Iron Butterfly hadn’t known anything else since the 1960s, when he’d barnstormed his native Florida with the Thunderbeats, backing “…everybody who didn’t have a band,” he recalls. Suddenly, however, the man recently endorsed […]

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Echoplex, Part I: Pre-Echoplex Days

Don Dixon and Mike Battle

Don Dixon, Guitar Player Seeing the name Don Dixon, many think, “Producer for R.E.M., Smithereens, etc., recording artist, husband of songbird Marti Jones.” All correct. But when that Don Dixon moved to the Akron area 10 years ago he discovered a nimble-fingered guitar picker had been using his name for 30 years! Nowadays they take […]

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Bobby Womack

Playin' with Soul

If James Brown is the Godfather of Soul, then Bobby Womack is the Emperor. Gifted with the most enviable voice a male singer could ever want, Womack has the down-home grit of Wilson Pickett and the melodic range of Sam Cooke. He can caress you with a beautiful melody, then scream harder than James Brown. […]

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Mark Cook – An Evening With The Blues

An Evening With The Blues

It’s obvious this Terre Haute-based guitarist is a talented individual. He’s got the chops and did all the writing and arranging on this disc. Not only the instrumental portions, but the vocal melodies, as well. This M.C. employs the talents of a number of midwest-based vocalists to handle the up-front chores. And the vocal stylistic […]

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The Blasters – Testament: The Complete Slash Recordings

Testament: The Complete Slash Recordings

Man, this one brought back memories. I was a DJ when the first Blasters album was released in the early ’80s. At that time, I was allowed to pick “night” cuts – stuff you knew wouldn’t be a big hit. I could throw in one every hour after 8 p.m. or so, just to spice […]

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