Bob Dylan – Bringing It All Back Home & Highway 61 Revisited

Bringing It All Back Home & Highway 61 Revisited

Here’s a couple of vinyl releases by Sundazed that I thought I could use to highlight their fabulous vinyl reissues. If you’re a vinyl freak, you’ll love these. Take these two, for instance. Thick vinyl, with the original artwork and liner notes… even the original Columbia label with the “360 Sound” logo, it’s all here. And on these two particular albums, it’s back in mono for the first time since its original release.

Now, I refuse to argue vinyl vs. CD. And I won’t argue stereo vs. mono. But suffice it to say, I think these sound absolutely incredible. Every format has its advantages, but any vinyl freak would be appreciative. And these are just a couple of the albums they have available. The music on these, well, you probably know it well. Two of the really great albums in rock and roll history. Bob writing as only he can. The musicians cooked, especially Mike Bloomfield on guitar. This stuff, to me, is the textbook on what a rock and roll band should sound like. Even when they’re out of tune, it sounds good!

Remember, it’s vinyl, and for vinyl freaks. And you can actually read the liner notes without a magnifying glass. There is a God. Visit

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