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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Los Lobos – Good Morning Aztlan

Good Morning Aztlan

I just “introduced” Los Lobos to a buddy of mine. Now, this guy is a huge music fan with what I would describe as pretty eclectic tastes. But up to this point he thought of Los Lobos as the guys who covered “La Bamba” and that was it. He had no further knowledge of them. […]

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Maxon OD-9, SD-9, and AF-9

Maxon updates three classic stomp toys

If you’ve cruised the aisles of a guitar show in the last couple of years, and sauntered up to a table full of effects pedals, you’ve probably experienced a little piece of the latest form of “vintage gear sticker shock” when you grabbed that worn-looking wah or lime-green stompbox. It’s not uncommon for certain effects […]

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Poison Ivy

Psychobilly Queen

Formed by guitarist Poison Ivy Rorschach and frontman Lux Interior, the Cramps emerged in the spring of 1976, offering up a unique and infectious sound that blended the early roots rock and rockabilly styles of the ’50s with the raucous punk sounds of the day. Dubbing this new style “psychobilly,” the group built its cult […]

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Ibanez Auto-Filter

The fun of the Mu-Tron III, but with less noise

This month, I’d like to mention one of the coolest pedals Ibanez made in the ’80s. If you like envelope filters, particularly the Mu-Tron III, then you’ll love the Ibanez Auto Filter. This pedal sounds as good as, if not better than, the bulky old Mu-Tron. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mu-Tron III, […]

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Summitt Guitar Pack

Soft case that protects and serves - in style

The Summit Guitar Pack EG201 soft case could be considered the Swiss Army knife of guitar cases. To call this just another gig bag would be a downright lie. The EG201 is made of Denier nylon, and has a metal spine that keeps the case rigid well past the headstock of a standard-scale instrument. For […]

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Lenny Kravitz

Digs in Deep

Since his debut in 1989 with Let Love Rule, Lenny Kravitz has established an authentic retro sound by employing the classic tones of fine vintage instruments from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s, like Les Pauls, Flying Vs, and Strats played through older Marshall, Fender, and Vox amps to energize his music. Lenny, the artist’s highly-anticipated […]

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Larry Carlton/Steve Lukather – No Substitutions

No Substitutions

I don’t really know what to say about this one. It’s just a good, old-fashioned jam by a couple of great guitarists. To no one’s surprise, they’re both up to the task. The five songs here cover almost an hour that’s never boring and showcases the different talents of Carlton, who definitely is concentrating on […]

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Al Di Meola – Anthology


Al Di Meola needs no introduction, and most of the music on this fine two-CD collection will be familiar to most guitarists as well. The only question is What’s new? The 20 tracks here cover Di Meola’s recording career on Columbia, from Casino to Elegant Gypsy, Splendido Hotel to Tour de Force. There’s a sampling […]

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Gary Burton and Friends – Departure


Geez, I’m not really sure what to say about this CD. It’s a wonderful batch of music played by the likes of Peter Erskine on drums, Fred Hersch on piano, John Patitucci on bass, Burton on vibes, and John Scofield on guitar. It’s done so well and with such feeling that trying to convey that […]

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Fender Stratocaster

Aiming High

In 1953, Leo Fender started planning a new standard guitar – the Stratocaster. His partner, Don Randall, who headed Fender Sales, Inc., came up with the name before the design was even completed. Of course, the new Fender would compete with Gibson and Epiphone professional models. But Leo intended even more. He believed his continued […]

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