Summitt Guitar Pack

Soft case that protects and serves - in style
Soft case that protects and serves - in style

The Summit Guitar Pack EG201 soft case could be considered the Swiss Army knife of guitar cases. To call this just another gig bag would be a downright lie.

The EG201 is made of Denier nylon, and has a metal spine that keeps the case rigid well past the headstock of a standard-scale instrument. For protection there’s an inch of foam padding all the way around, and for convenience, there’s a handy detachable satchel.

Offering significantly more protection than a standard gig bag, the Summit Guitar Pack is perfect for any gigging musician this side of a world tour.

Another angle that is becoming increasingly important in soft case design is ergonomics, and the Summit is, um… “on the case;” its backpack-style straps are wide and well-padded, and the waist strap keeps the guitar from sliding back and forth or flipping over your head when you bend to tie your Doc Martens. When not in use, the straps stow in a zippered pocket.

In the name of pedetrian/pedalin’ safety is a reflective strip atop the case, and a handy adjustable bungee is positioned to hold a bottle of water (or a wah pedal). Strap handles extend and are stiched across the front and back of the bag for a secure feel when carrying.

Back, for a moment, to the detachable satchel: it’s expandable and roomy enough for a couple of fake books. There are also plenty of pockets for pencils, picks, and whatever else (and there’s more room in it than a typcal briefcase). And the satchel has its own shoulder strap.

Summit makes bags for a variety of stringed instruments, electric and acoustic, and a line of related accessories.

At just under $140 for the electric pack, this case is not cheap. But it’s versatility and solid construction may very well make it the last gig bag you’ll ever buy.

Summit EG201
Type of Case: Soft.
Features: Heavey-duty Denier nylon construction, 1″ foam pad surround, metal spine for rigidity, padded straps, detachable gear bag.
Price: $139.95.
Contact: Summit Guitar Pack, 800-236-8830/(206)285-5228, www.

This article originally appeared in VG‘s Aug. ’02 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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