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Frank Gambale

Thunder From Down Under

Frank Gambale is enjoying a busy life these days. He recently spent a week playing the Blue Note, in Las Vegas, with Vital Information in support of the recently released Show ‘Em Where You Live. The album is (more…)

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National Style O

Industrial Art

National. The name is patriotic! And what else but American inventiveness could have brought about a metal-bodied guitar? The answer lies in the state of the guitar as a musical instrument circa 1925. The mandolin was popular and the guitar was beginning to evolve, particularly in Gibson’s new L-5, which revolutionized its sound (more…)

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Capo Glider

Capo The Glider

Evolution has had fun with the trusty old capo. Invented in the early/mid 18th century as a way to simultaneously fret all the strings of an instrument, allowing quick key changes, etc., it actually became usable some 100 years later when a viable design was (more…)

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Duke Robillard – Stretchin’ Out Live


What can you say about the Duke that hasn’t already been said? Having achieved a lofty level of constant and worthy acclaim, he probably wonders when the financial rewards of his art will equal the praise. The legendary artists with whom he (more…)

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October 2003


FEATURES ALEX SKOLNICK Jazz Box Paradox The former lead guitarist for heavy metal thrashers Testament talks about his musical history, choice of instruments, and his 180-degree stylistic turn to jazz. By Willie G. Moseley LYNYRD SKYNYRD 30 Years Strong Gary Rossington, Rickey Medlocke, and Hughie Thomasson talk about their band’s new album and tour, as […]

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