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Capo The Glider

Evolution has had fun with the trusty old capo. Invented in the early/mid 18th century as a way to simultaneously fret all the strings of an instrument, allowing quick key changes, etc., it actually became usable some 100 years later when a viable design was patented. Since then, no fewer than 130 patents have been filed for various “refinements,” and the device arguably came of age in 1931 when W.H. Russel patented the elastic capo – the one we’re most familiar with today.

But there’s something different here in the form of The Glider capo.

The Glider is not just another new capo in a new color with a new way of installing or removing, but a totally new design that allows you to change keys seamlessly, while playing, by rolling it up and down the fretboard with your thumb. You can even roll it over the nut for storage when not in use on some guitars (on others, it’ll bend strings slightly).

The Glider does require two hands to install, but once “on,” it applies firm, even pressure to the strings. Its design and construction are solid and high-quality.

Our test runs quickly revealed the flexibility of The Glider, and after we refined our technique, we were able to eliminate any fret buzz or pitch bending with little fuss. It’s a slick idea that can definitely lend a unique twist to your playing style, and give you flexibility no other capo can offer.

The Glider Capo
Features: Uniform-tension springs, soft rubber rollers for making contact with strings and back of neck, one-year warranty.
Contact: Greg Bennett Company, PO Box 680006, Franklin, TN 37064,

This article originally appeared in VG‘s Jan. ’02 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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