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Gibson Les Paul Acoustic

Variation On A Theme

Sure, we’ve all seen numerous variations of the legendary Les Paul model electric guitar. Now here’s one variation that’s really unique – Gibson’s new Les Paul Acoustic. Designed for electric players by Gibson’s Custom Shop, the Les Paul (more…)

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Zakk Wylde

Wylde's Kingdom

As a teenager, Zakk Wylde gained notoriety as one of the hottest young guitarists playing the New Jersey Shore bar circuit. He got his big break in ’87, when he was asked to audition for Ozzy Osbourne. In addition to his technical (more…)

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Albert Glinksy – Theremin: Ether Music and Espionage


The theremin holds the distinction of being the only instrument that is played without being touched. Using a human body’s natural capacitance to manipulate radio waves, the theremin was also the first electronic instrument and created a sensation upon its launch by Soviet (more…)

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Gene Clark – This Byrd Has Flown


Gene Clark was one of the Byrds’ original members, and the first to quit back in 1966. He died in 1991, right after the Byrds entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This CD represents some of (more…)

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Taj Mahal – Sénor Blues


Taj Mahal is one of those guys you never think about until you hear another great album by him. Listen to this one and you’ll think about him a lot. The album is a sort of notebook that takes you through the history of (more…)

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Tom Principato – Not One Word


Tom’s put out some stuff on record before, and it’s been pretty good. This one’s a little bit different. As the title says, there’s not one word. It’s all instrumental, and Tom does a great job of letting his (more…)

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Audiovox Electronic Bass

Discovered! The World's First Electric Bass Guitar

While there have been lively debates raging in the rare instrument community for many years about any number of puzzling early guitars – not to mention the perennial issue of just who exactly was responsible for “inventing” the electric guitar – it seems little energetic dialog (more…)

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Dave Burrluck – The PRS Book


Unless you have been living in a cave for the last decade, you know that PRS is Paul Reed Smith, one of the most innovative and successful of the “new” electric guitar man-ufacturers. Smith is the only manufacturer so far to successfully blend (more…)

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Jon and the Nightriders – Fiberglass Rocket


If you haven’t noticed, there’s a Surfin’ comeback goin’ on. We get tons of CDs from bands that play it; some good, some not-so-good, and some in-between. Here is an excellent one. Jon and the Nightriders are led by surf historian John Blair (more…)

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Michael Landau

Raging Honkie

“Michael Landau is an undiscovered gem… one of God’s guitar players,” were the quiet words of praise by noted producer/guitarist Steve Lukather. “Hell, I grew up playing with him, and he’s really inspired me. Michael is absolutely one of my favorite guitar (more…)

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