Gene Clark – This Byrd Has Flown

This Byrd Has Flown

Gene Clark was one of the Byrds’ original members, and the first to quit back in 1966. He died in 1991, right after the Byrds entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This CD represents some of his last recordings through the ’80s. There are some missteps, but overall it’s a fine CD. He re-recorded some old Byrd classics and also some of his favorite tunes. Those were mixed with good new tunes he wrote, like “Rodeo Rider,” “Rain Song,” and “Made for Love.”

The playing is always nice on the record, especially the lead guitar of Greg Douglas. There’s some nice guests too, like Albert Lee, Sneaky Pete Klienow, and Bud Shank. As far as swan songs go, this is a nice one. I think Clark would appreciate the care with which his legacy has been handled.

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