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Jim Marshall

Father of the Mighty Marshall Stack

When it comes to guitar amplifiers, two names stand tall beyond the others: Leo Fender and Jim Marshall. Even civilians recognize these names. Two names, from two different countries, with two very individual sounds. (more…)

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Jim Campilongo – Loose


This second release from the gang is wonderful. I won’t go into detail because Vintage Guitar‘s own Jim Hilmar will feature Campilongo and the Cats in the “Spotlight” column in September. That said, let me just say he is one of the best, most (more…)

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Alamo Guitars

Remember the Alamo, Part 1

Mention the Alamo and most of us conjure up a rich variety of images. Whether it’s Davy Crockett (Fess Parker, maybe John Wayne) swinging his flintlock rifle as General Santa Anna’s troops breached the walls, Pee Wee (more…)

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Citron CS1

Citron Guitars CS1

Harvey Citron has been building instruments since the 1970s, and was co-founder of Vielette-Citron in 1975. His own line of instruments, whose users range from James Taylor to Skunk Baxter, shoot for perfection in design and execution, striving for continual improvement and instruments that (more…)

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Doug Sahm – San Antonio Rock


It’s no big secret that rock and roll lost one of its real deals when Doug Sahm passed away. His history was long and varied, and he hadn’t had a rock hit in 30 years. Sure, his Texas Tornadoes did well (more…)

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December 2002


FEATURES Yamaha Guitars The Early ’70s In the midst of guitardom’s “copy era,” Yamaha was not immune to the lure. But when it did use an American inspiration, it produced a caricature, not a copy. By Michael Wright Phil Upchurch Benson, B.B., Waters, Wolf, et al His list of professional affiliations – including George Benson, […]

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