December 2002



Yamaha Guitars
The Early ’70s In the midst of guitardom’s “copy era,” Yamaha was not immune to the lure. But when it did use an American inspiration, it produced a caricature, not a copy. By Michael Wright

Phil Upchurch
Benson, B.B., Waters, Wolf, et al His list of professional affiliations – including George Benson, B.B. King, and Dizzy Gillespie – reads like a who’s who of popular music since 1960, and it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface. By John Heidt

Kris Wiley
Bye-bye, Blues With a new approach and an improved outlook, the SoCal guitarist looks to life outside of the blues – and into the world of guitar-driven rock. By Willie G. Moseley

Trini Lopez
And His Signature Gib-son(s) Rising to stardom in the age of the guitar instrumental, for a few shining years, Dallas’ Trinidad Lopez had not one, but two signature model electric guitars in Gibson’s artist series. By Art Greenhaw

Dick Dale
The King
Comes Back… Since we last talked, the legend has released four albums, toured extensively, and seen his music accepted by a new generation of fans, thanks in no small part to movies and TV commercials. By Willie G. Moseley

Ca. 1855 James Ashborn Model 2
Prior to the Civil War, one of America’s largest guitar factories was that of James Ashborn, whose instruments served the middle-class explosion of the mid 19th century. By Michael Wright

1978 Ibanez Artist Iceman IC300
In early 1975 Ibanez’s parent company wanted a guitar that would be solely identified with Japanese guitarmakers. The result was one of the company’s most enduring designs. By Michael Wright


Reader Mail
First Fret: News and Notes
– Bonnie Raitt on “ACL”
– Elderly Turns 30
– ZZ Tours Europe
– Rock to the Rescue
– “Fretprints” Goes Digital
– Stolen Gear

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I Miss Tape
By Carl Verheyen

Executive Rock
Poles (and Coasts) Apart
By Willie G. Moseley

Q&A With George Gruhn
Mystery Instruments

Culling the Herd
By Steven Stone

Eric Clapton
By Wolf Marshall

Yamaha FG Junior/JR1
By Riley Wilson

Studio Aces
George Doering
By Jim LaDiana


Guitar Shop
A Quick-Fix Kit
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