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Mark Tremonti

Rock Star, Amp Snob!

Many of the people we today consider “guitar heroes” – Eddie Van Halen and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a couple – spent more than their fair share of time stowed away in their bedrooms, playing guitar while other kids in the neighborhood played baseball, kick the can, or spin the bottle. Rock guitarist Mark […]

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Keeley Offers Black Glass British Fuzz


Keeley Electronics’ Black Glass British Fuzz is hand-built in the U.S. using an OC81-based design with a circuit modified for increased high frequency and low noise. The company says other design mods have solved temperature issues that often affect fuzz units, and it accepts a standard/modern 9-volt power supply. Controls include Fuzz, Tone, and Level. […]

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Warren Haynes

G-Mule Shout!

Gov’t Mule’s blues-based rock has never followed a formula, opting instead for an improvisational modus operandi that gives its music unique breadth and scope – a fact supremely illustrated in its new album, Shout! An 11-song outing and the band’s first studio album in four years, the double disc – recorded at bassist Jorgen Carlsson’s […]

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DOD Offers 440 Envelope Filter


The DOD 440 Envelope Filter is slow-filter sweep pedal that reacts to pick attack and creates vowel-like/crying sounds. The company has added a Voice switch that lets the user decide which part of the sweep to emphasize. Other controls include Level and Range controls. Other features include true-bypass, 9-volt DC power supply and a lighter aluminum […]

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Will Lee

Letter Winner

Musicians being artists and artists needing to express themselves, it says something that Will Lee’s new album, Love, Gratitude & Other Distractions, is only his second in 20 years (his first was 1993’s Oh!). Mostly, it speaks to the fact that since James Brown is no longer with us, Lee may well now be the […]

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Fender Deluxe Reverb

Vintage Guitar magazine Hall of Fame 2011 Instrument

In the June ’07 issue of VG, amp profiler extraordinaire Dave Hunter said of the Fender Deluxe Reverb, “If guitarists were to vote for the one ‘best amp for all occasions,’ [it] would very likely earn a majority decision’.” And while this year’s nominees in the VG Hall of Fame “Instrument” category pitted the “DR” […]

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Electra Launches Phoenix S Model


Electra Guitars’ Phoenix S model is based on the company’s X110, with an offset double-cutaway ash body, maple neck, maple fretboard with 25.5″ scale, 22 jumbo frets, dot inlays, and a GraphTech Tusq nut. It uses three Electra MagnaFlux SC single-coil pickups controlled with the company’s Analog Tone Blend control and a five-way switch dialed […]

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DigiTech Launches Drop Pedal


DigiTech’s new Drop is a polyphonic drop-tune pedal that lets guitar and bass players lower their tuning from one semitone to a full octave. It uses algorithms drawn from the company’s Whammy DT and offers a choice of eight drop tune and pitch-shifting intervals, plus an Octave+Dry mode that blends  original signal with a note one […]

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Dynamo Amplification Expands Grand Tour Series


Dynamo Amplification has added the GTS-C to its Grand Tour Series of high-gain/two-channel amps, which are built with audiophile-grade components and toroidal transformers. The C-series amps offer optional standard-grade component options and are available in a 1×12 combo, head, or 19″ rackmount version with 20 watts output (using two 6V6 output tubes), 50 watts (from […]

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Walker Electric Guitars Unveils The Solace


Walker Electric Guitars’ Solace model has a tempered basswood body with Formica top and back in matte-black finish, maple neck with extended tenon attached with a single bolt on the nodal point and reinforced with two carbon beams,  24” scale, a custom-wound blade-style “cigar tube” pickup, Volume and Tone controls, and a custom paper-in-oil capacitor. […]

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