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Korg Introduces Rimpitch Tuner


Korg’s Rimpitch acoustic-guitar tuner attaches to the sound hole and its LED tuning meter is positioned in the player’s line of sight when looking at the guitar. It has a piezo pickup that detects sound from the body of the guitar, and can be left attached when not in use. Learn more at

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Ampeg Redesigns BA Series Combos


Ampeg’s redesigned BA Series of bass combo amps employ front-facing controls, a 60-degree monitoring angle, a new cab design, and the new Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit on models BA-110 and up, which includes separate Drive and Blend controls. All have three-band EQ along with Drive and Blend controls in addition to master Volume, 1/8″ stereo […]

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Dean Markley Offers XM Series Transducer


Dean Markley’s XM Series transducer pickup mounts to the soundboard of an instrument without adhesives, hardware, or modification. It is designed to accommodate traditional acoustic instruments and can  be used to amplify hollowbody jazz guitars without sound holes or electronics. Made in the U.S., it uses a 24″ low-noise cable, terminates at a ¼” jack, […]

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Kazuo Yairi, Founder of Yairi Guitar Company, Passes


Kazuo Yairi, owner and president of the Yairi Guitar Company, passed away in his hometown of Kani, Japan, on March 5. Yairi’s company was one of the first to export professional-grade acoustic guitars to the United States, and became the primary manufacturer of Alvarez and Alvarez-Yairi guitars, which are now owned by St. Louis Music. […]

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Neil Giraldo

Road Routine
Neil Giraldo Home Main

The hard-driving husband-and-wife rock act that hits the stage as Pat Benatar and Neil “Spyder” Giraldo is responsible for more than a handful of stalwart classic-rock jams. For the past 15 years, Benatar and husband/guitarist/producer/co-writer Giraldo have spent many of their summers touring, then scratching their itch to perform with one-off and weekend gigs throughout […]

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R.C. Allen Passes


R.C. Allen, a noted luthier who built archtops for local and regional players of note and was a fixture at vintage-guitar shows in Southern California, died March 2. The last of the original SoCal electric-guitar builders, Allen was renowned for sharing his secrets of building, and for the archtops he made  for Merle Travis, Del Casher, […]

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Fargen Introduces PA Tumbleweed Pedal


The Fargen Pete Anderson Tumbleweed is a compressor and clean boost pedal. Its comp side has controls for Level and sensitivity, while the clean boost has a Level control and three-way toggle switch with Brit, Cali, and Jazz voicing. Separate bypass switches allow the two functions to be used together or as individual units. It’s […]

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Keeley Adds Seafoam Chorus Pedal


Keeley Electronics’ Seafoam Chorus pedal uses a new design with controls for modulation Rate, Depth, and Tone. It also has a new Blend control that enables players to toe the line between pure vibrato or chorus sounds. It is hand-built in the U.S. using high-quality components and construction,  housed in a power-coated enclosure, and wired […]

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Armor Gold Intros Pancake Patch Cable


Armor Gold’s new Pancake Patch Cable is assembled using the same industrial-strength/medium-low capacitance wire as the company’s instrument cables. Their connectors are flat, and the outer mesh is removed for increased flexibility. Available in 6.5″ and 12″ lengths for connecting individual pedals, as well as 24″, 32″, and 40″ for connecting rows of pedals to […]

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Neil Giraldo

Guitarist, Producer, Partner

Quiz time, guitarheads. What was the second video played on MTV? If you guessed “You Better Run” by Pat Benatar, you win. And, since there was no guitarist in the Buggles’ video for the prophetic track “Video Killed the Radio Star” (the first video aired) that makes Benatar’s longtime bandleader/producer/husband Neil Giraldo the first guitarist […]

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