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Fender “Korinacaster”

Double-Cut Kuriosity

There’s a bit of irony in the fact that Leo Fender, creator of the first solidbody electric guitar to be mass-produced, wasn’t known as the adventurous sort. Rather, history tells us he was a pragmatic, downright conservative guy for whom form very much followed function – a fact borne out in the bread-and-butter realities exhibited […]

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Dweezil Zappa Victim of Theft


A Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster used by Dweezil Zappa on the Experience Hendrix tour earlier this year was recently stolen during the current tour with his band, Zappa Plays Zappa. A precise location of the incident is unknown, as the guitar wasn’t called on for use until a later tour stop, at which time it was […]

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Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks


Collaborations have rendered some of the greatest tunes in the history of music. Whittle the subject to “just” guitarists, and the truth remains – two are often better than one. The axiom is holding true for Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. Each a top-tier star in their own right, the two, now married for more […]

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Joe Satriani

More Than Meets the Ear
Joe Satriani Home Main Big

When he emerged in the late ’80s, rock guitarist Joe Satriani stood apart from the hair-band crowd for several reasons. Like most of his contemporaries, his style was a mix of classical and classic rock, heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Also like his peers, he was fully capable of the shred-tastic scalar […]

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Star Board: Tom Guerra


Guitarist/singer/songwriter (and VG contributor) Tom Guerra recently released his first solo album, All of the Above, which reviewer Pete Prown says is “hook-laden rock and roll originals that pay homage to everyone from the Beatles to the Byrds, and from Led Zeppelin to Mott (more…)

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Brad Whitford

Aerosmith’s Master of Wicked Licks

Aerosmith’s 2011 Back On the Road tour was a two-month jaunt that consisted of 18 shows and took the band to places it had never been in Latin America before concluding in Japan. Normally, such a tour doesn’t create much hoopla, but this was different. The band hadn’t played there in seven years, but more […]

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Mark Knopfler


Very early in life, Mark Knopfler had a connection with music. His mother cared for the family while BBC programs like “Listen with Mother” played on the radio with its child-oriented stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. But it was an uncle named Kingsley who had the biggest impact on young Mark’s informal music education when […]

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Fender Intros Vintage Modified ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb


Fender’s Vintage Modified Series ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb pays tribute to the classic look of Fender’s late-’60s silverface amps. Both channels have reverb and tremolo, and the “custom” channel has a modified Bassman tone stack. The amp also has quicker gain onset (more…)

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Gretsch Releases G6112TCB-J Center Block


Gretsch’s Professional Collection G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone is a Nashville Junior model with a thinline body, chambered-spruce center block, and two-tone finish with a Jaguar Tan top and Copper Metallic back and sides. It has a 1¾”-deep single-cut three-ply maple body with (more…)

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EarthQuaker Devices Organizing Benefit Auction


Effects builder EarthQuaker Devices is organizing the “Auction for Andy” to raise money for the wife and three-year-old son of Andrew Richardson, who died September 1. Richardson was the sales manager/operations at the Minneapolis-based Z Vex Effects, and a respected musician on the city’s music scene (more…)

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