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Kirk Hammet’s KHDK Electronics Offers No. 1 Overdrive


KHDK Electronics, the effects company founded by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and industry vet David Karon, has released the No. 1 Overdrive, which uses an original circuit based on a blend of op-amp and mosfet technology. It has two cascading Gain controls to; the (more…)

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Xotic XSC Guitars


Xotic XSC guitars are hand-built in the U.S. and have a nitrocellulose finish, maple neck, and Raw Vintage hand-wound pickups based on a proprietary design. (more…)

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Guardians of Grandeur

The Men Who Tend to the Guitars of the Hard Rock Cafe
Hard Rock Cafe

“A lot of people think I go in [to a sale] with an open checkbook, but that’s not the case; we’re very strategic.” – Jerry Fraize When Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett opened the (more…)

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Godin Introduces Passion RG-4 Swamp Ash Bass


Godin Guitars’ Passion RG-4 Swamp Ash bass has a chambered/contoured body made of cedar with a carved Swamp ash top, maple neck with rosewood or maple fingerboard, Seymour Duncan Quarter-Pound PJ pickups, one Volume and one Tone control with four-way selector, five-ply (more…)

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Star Board: Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick played lead guitar in Kiss for more than a decade, and today stays busy as a solo performer and tours as a member of Grand Funk Railroad. Speaking of, here’s his primary pedalboard setup for that gig. “It’s simple and old-school,” he said. “I (more…)

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Motörhead Bassist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister Passes


Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, founding bassist for the iconic heavy metal band Motörhead, died December 28, two days after reportedly being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and four days after his 70th birthday. Kilmister hailed from North Wales. England, and lore had it that he gained the (more…)

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Pat Travers

Full Blast
Pat Travers

It’s an elite class – rock guitarists who crossed the Atlantic to achieve their rock-star dreams. Somewhere between the mid-’60s sojourn of Jimi Hendrix and that of Brian Setzer in the late ’70s came Pat Travers, who in 1975 left his home in Ottawa to find fame abroad. Born of emigres – his mother British, […]

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Paul Nelson to Release New Album


Guitarist Paul Nelson, former bandleader for Johnny Winter, is set to release a new album. Badass Generation, by The Paul Nelson Band, will launch February 5 and shows the artist retaining his connection to the blues but exhibiting other dimensions, from hard-edged rock and (more…)

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Guitarist Adam Roth Passes


Guitarist/composer Adam Roth passed away December 16 after a brief battle with cancer. He was 57. The son of cartoonist/illustrator Arnold Roth, he moved to New York City in 1979 and joined his brother, Charles, in a series of punk bands that gigged in renowned venues like (more…)

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Boggs’ Quad

Four-neck Fender from a friend
Boggs' Quad

Noted in musical history as one of the players who pushed the steel guitar beyond Hawaiian music to more-complex chording and wild interchanges with Spanish-style electric guitarists, Noel Boggs emerged from a tragic childhood, using the guitar and music as a motivator, guide, and ultimately, means to a make a living. Boggs was born in […]

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