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Danelectro Free Speech

"Do You Feeeeel"?

Well, we’ve all had the fun of trying to mimic – even on the worst of nights – a Peter Frampton tune featuring the dreaded “talk box,” possibly even venturing into the dreaded Joe Walsh territory, and usually with lots of laughs and little success. The reasons for our failure could be many, including a). […]

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Janiva Magness – Blues Ain’t Pretty

Blues Ain't Pretty

Well, I do agree, the blues ain’t pretty. But svelte torch singer Janiva Magness sure is a sight for sore eyes. In addition to belting out the blues and fronting her own band in Southern California, she plays that wacky percussion corset known in Zydeco circles as a “Da Rubboard,” or da Madonna (you get […]

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Michael Landau

Raging Honkie

“Michael Landau is an undiscovered gem… one of God’s guitar players,” were the quiet words of praise by noted producer/guitarist Steve Lukather. “Hell, I grew up playing with him, and he’s really inspired me. Michael is absolutely one of my favorite guitar players in the world.” Meeting a famous studio guitarist face-to-face can be a […]

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Pete Anderson – Dogs in Heaven


Pete Anderson is no stranger to these pages, having been featured in an interview, performance review, and record review for his first release on Little Dog. This time around, Pete has come up with a tasty offering in the form of a blues-tinged free-for-all that brings us Gun Dog, his tried-and-true backup band, the redoubtable […]

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Jerry Miller

One Guitar Man

Jerry Miller was part of one of the most unique rock groups of the 1960s, the West Coast’s own Moby Grape. The band’s first album delivered a staggering array of brilliantly crafted songs driven by harmonies from heaven and a three-guitar lineup dangerous in its energy and innovation – Miller on first guitar, the melodious […]

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Hipshot Products

Bass Extenders, Stealth Slide, and B Bender

What do Will Lee, Leland Sklar, and Bunny Brunel all have in common? Besides being bassists, they all use Hipshot Bass Extender keys, a nifty device that drops the E to a D with precision, and dare I say it, gusto (hey, what do John the Divine, Vlad the Impaler, and William the Conqueror all […]

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Morley Sapphire Flanger


Morley’s Sapphire Flanger is a cute little box driven by wallwart or 9-volt battery. The box itself is a bit clunky and odd, but klunky and odd are “in” right now. Our model did indeed deliver a “warm, fuzzy” kinda tone. The finish was a glittery blue, quite attractive. The speed setting was best left […]

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Reverend Rumblefish Bass

Striking semi-acoustic

The Rumblefish is an electric bass model from Reverend Guitars, out of Michigan. This is a striking semi-acoustic in the best tradition of Danos and Silvertones, but has the finesse and feel of a $2,000 guitar – really impressive ergonomic body design, light and resonant due to its hollow design and phenolic composition, with twin […]

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Hell Revisited

The hottest thing going in genre-bending music during the past year has been the award-winning Hellecasters, whose first album on Mike Nesmith’s Rio Records Return of the Hellecasters raised a lot of eyebrows and the entire guitar world’s pulse rates with its eclectic high octane blend of Celtic, Country, and good old rock and roll […]

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Danelectro Dano Minis

More tasty treats

Danelectro has been busy churning out yet another set of pedals that are inex-pensive and quite small. A good thing, since one can never have too many pedals. These are, in no particular order, a baby blue PB&J (continuing the line’s partiality to food references), which delays as well or better than many more expensive […]

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