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Country Style U.S.A.

Pickers In Their Prime

The peacetime U.S. Army in 1957 had a steady stream of new recruits due to the draft and ongoing promotional efforts to encourage enlistments. Among those projects – 52 filmed segments of “Country Style U.S.A.,” were made available to local TV stations from ’57 to ’61. A bit over 14 minutes, each program featured two […]

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Slim Bryant

Early Country Guitar's Last Man Standing

Slim Bryant Thomas Hoyt Bryant, known to family and friends as “Slim,” met Perry Bechtel in Atlanta 1929. “I heard your record, ‘Wabash Blues,’ and I want to play it just like that,” he declared. “I can teach you that in 30 minutes,” the older man responded. “But if you want to play ‘em all […]

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Willie Nelson – Willie & The Wheel

Willie, The Wheel, and Wexler

Aside from Jerry Wexler’s standing as a titan of R&B, soul and rock, his musical range extended far beyond. A lifelong country fan, Wexler enjoyed Hank Williams and Bob Wills when they were alive and touring. He was aware of Willie Nelson – who grew up playing Western swing around Abbott, Texas – in the […]

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