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Kenny Sultan

Left-Coast Blues Machine

Kenny Sultan is a best-selling author of music books and instructional videos covering blues guitar, and is the guitarist in a blues duo with Tom Bell. As a kid, Sultan’s older brother would take him to blues clubs like L.A.’s Ash Grove before he’d even reached his teens. An accomplished photographer, the elder Sultan built […]

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Ed Gerhard – House of Guitars

House of Guitars

There are a number of us who find joy in collecting pawnshop guitars – you know the type, cheap, affordable, and ever so quirky. There’s a certain pleasure in having one of these beaters that you can drag to the beach while keeping the good wood at home. However, there are few among us who […]

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Elvin Bishop

Havin' the Cake...

Ventura Fairgrounds, Ventura, California – is Elvin Bishop the infamous Pigboy Crabshaw? Well, many agree he is the guitar and the soul behind the birth of country rock – and he’s also one of the most instrumental instrumentalists in the spread of electric blues. One thing for sure, if he was the person resurrected as […]

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