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Richard Lloyd

Still Broadcasting

Television always seemed to be from another planet. Alien-like, the band was an anomaly: a dichotomy of punk attitude and intellectual musicianship. To put it another way, they hated hippies, but liked guitar solos. “Television would be out of place anywhere,” co-guitarist Richard (more…)

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Fu Manchu – Go For It… Live!


Britain’s NME magazine nailed Fu Manchu’s oeuvre when it dubbed them “damn near the most conceptually perfect rock band since the Ramones.” Now comes a damn near perfect double live album. Fu’s concept: Southern Cali pinball playin’ surfer dude (more…)

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Steve Miller – King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents


Before he was FM rock radio king, Steve Miller was known as Stevie “Guitar” Miller. This live release, recorded in 1973 and ’76, shows why. Culled from Washington, D.C. and New York City shows taped for (more…)

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Audioslave – Audioslave


The news that former Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was joining the three musicians in Rage Against the Machine, the hard rock/hip hop group that lost rapper Zack de la Rocha, was a true headscr-atcher. Would Cornell start rapping? Would the Rage guys go soft (more…)

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Glenn Phillips – Angel Sparks

Angel Sparks

Glenn?! What’s up, you ol’ squirrelly Atlanta devil? You haven’t released an album since 1996; it’s good to hear from you again. I never figured you’d given up music, it’s much too important to you for that – heck, you’ve been (more…)

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Fifty Seven Stitch – Nerveblock


Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned American hard rock? You know the kind – crunching guitars, strong vocals, a deft melodic touch that never threatens to spiral into goo (thanks in large part to smoldering tube amps), a rhythm section tight enough to bounce numerous quarters (more…)

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Green Amps

Turning America Green

It hit Joel Wheeler in a flash of white light, a memory fried extra crispy into his brain. Just how you’d picture an epiphany to be, right? A random sentence from a recent acquaintance – five words from a bass (more…)

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Robert Quine

Prime Time

Robert Quine’s name rhymes with “wine.” And while he may be considered “little-known,” the Ohio-born guitarist played a crucial role in the New York punk scene of the 1970s – his work on Blank Generation, the 1977 album by Richard Hell and the (more…)

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Ed Mundell – my choice for Guitar God 2001. Although Mundell, lead guitarist for Monster Magnet (his day gig) and the Atomic Bitchwax (his side gig), might lack name recognition, he certainly doesn’t lack in the chops department. And TAB’s sophomore CD, II, a (more…)

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Ten Years After – The Anthology (1967-1971)


If you’re lucky enough to catch Ten Years After on classic rock radio these days, it’s likely the 1971 hit “I’d Love to Change the World.” As strong as that tune is, it barely skims the surface of a truly great (more…)

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