Family of the Year Gear Stolen


The management company for the band Family of the Year informed VG the band was the victim of theft the night of June 23 when its equipment van was stolen after a gig in Los Angeles. Among the gear in the van at the time was a Fender Telecaster with a sunburst finish and black pickguard. It was in a tweed case at the time. Also stolen was an Epiphone Casino in natural finish with the cover missing from the bridge pickup and an output jack mounted where the pickup-selector toggle is typically positioned, a black Gretsch Pro Jet in a gig bag, a natural-finished Yamaha dreadnought with a Baggs pickup system and blue tape covering a crack in its body, a Lanikai tenor uke with a pickup and Volume control, a Vox AC15, Vox AC30, Ampeg AVT Pro 4 bass head in a road case, an Ampeg 8×10 cab, several Boss pedals, and other gear including a Ludwig drum kit and a Nord keyboard. Anyone with information about the gear is asked to contact Whitesmith Entertainment at (917) 284-8183 or officer Martinez in the L.A.P.D.’s Northeast Office at (213) 485-2564. A complete list of the gear, with photos, can be viewed at

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